Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life As It Should Be

Living With Intention

What is Living With Intention and what do we have to do to become an Intentional person?
Simple...Just think about it....Consciously and everyday.
So many days I have found myself drifting through Life, waiting to make decisions, putting up with something rather than standing up for it. Living with Intention involves making your own decisions. These can be minor decisions, those things we are likely to let slide, rather than thinking about them. Most of the things we do are the little things, hardly life threatening, but surely life enhancing. What will I have for lunch? A minor decision? Not if you are thinking of the complete picture. This intentional person wants to lose weight, to become more fit before it is too late. The lunch decision becomes more important when you look at the total picture, doesn't it?

Could your life be richer? Are you looking for more? Will you take life just as it comes or are you a change catalyst in your own life? Will you live with Intention?