Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Attrition Rates, How Do You Reduce them?

Starting in to the New Year brings me to examining the past years successes and it also brings me to examining attrition.
 We get so jazzed about the increases, yes! Fabulous we say, but lets also look over our stats and see those areas where or organization is declining... What is the cause? How can I improve this in the new year? 
Lets look at enrolling potential partners...Assuming that we are asking about enrolling potential partners – then the question would be to examine… are we qualifying them enough as to their commitment to do what it takes to change their present circumstances?
We do this by using qualifying questions.The most important part of qualifying is making sure our potential partner is committed to changing their present situation before we present how our solution can help them.
We might ask them something like –
  • Let me ask you – One out of ten, how important is it to you to (repeat back what they said they wanted)?
  • Are you prepared to put the time and effort in moving toward and getting what you said you want?
 Why are we asking them this question? It can be helpful to let them know by saying something like...
“The reason I’m asking is that my partners and I are prepared to put a lot of time and effort into initially helping you achieve what you want, and I think you’ll agree that if we are to do that then it’s important you’re committed to take consistent action on this venture – would you agree?”
What this does is…
  • Help them be clear as to what it’s going to take
  • Puts the responsibility directly on them
  • Helps them remember the commitment they made to themselves when the going might get a little tough later on
  • Helps you to get an idea as to whether they are going to stay with you and how much time you should spend with them

These are called qualifying questions and we can ask them anywhere in our  discovery stage of our conversation.
It may be good to take time refreshing our skillset on the topic of calling leads and expand a bit on our qualifying questions so we can help our questions fit in with the flow of our conversation.
 So remember, the main purpose of qualifying questions is to make sure the potential partner is serious and ready to make a change. They also eliminate any misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
Working this in to our conversation will ensure that people who join our team are prepared to make changes that are necessary while creating a strong supportive team.