Monday, April 19, 2010

Run Your Business Like a Business

According to, investment costs to get started in business on average is $10,000 for a traditional small business.

You've heard all about this fantastic business opportunity, you've asked the tough questions and now you've made the decision to get started. The fantastic part, the item that sealed the deal for you...was the low start up cost,1/20th the cost of an average small business in fact.

So what can you do to ensure that your new business gets off the ground, sees successful growth and turns a healthy profit? Run your business like a business. Home business tax savings are one of the most compelling reasons to start a home based business. Many people who get a second job actually being home LESS money as they move into a higher tax bracket ... where starting a business and using the home business tax deductions can actually increase your take home pay. Now is the time to ensure you set up that home office reporting to ensure you take every tax break allowed by law.

• Make sure you have the tools that you will need to run your business adequately.
• Determine a monthly marketing budget for your business. This is so very important. Often, people start a business but don’t factor any investment money into the actual marketing of the business and this is a serious mistake.
• Schedule your work hours- Work your scheduled hours.
• Use your business partners/ team, it's more fun and we get more done!
• Be at meetings, trainings and events...your new partners will duplicate YOU.

~Plant enough seed to create a harvest! Actions are the seed of fate, deeds grow into destiny. Harry S Truman

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